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  • Elvis Broadcasts On Air

    主唱: 貓王( Elvis Presley )
    語言: 英語
    發行時間: 2002 年 03 月




  1. Intro-Kwkh On Air
  2. That's All Right Mama
  3. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  4. Hearts Of Stone
  5. That's All Right Mama
  6. Tweedle Dee
  7. Money Honey
  8. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  9. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
  10. That's All Right Mama
  11. Good Rockin' Tonight
  12. I Got A Woman
  13. Tweedle Dee
  14. I'm Left You're Right She's Gone
  15. Baby Let's Play House
  16. Maybellene
  17. That's All Right Mama
  18. I Was The One
  19. Love Me Tender
  20. Hound Dog
  21. Outro-Elvis Has Left The Building

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