Showwall歌詞秀歐美歌手Frank Sinatra( 法蘭克辛納區 )Concepts 5

  • Concepts 5

    主唱: Frank Sinatra( 法蘭克辛納區 )
    語言: 英語
    發行時間: 2000 年 09 月
    發行商: Capitol




  1. Close To You
  2. Ps I Love You
  3. Love Locked Out
  4. Everything Happens To Me
  5. It S Easy To Remember
  6. Don't Like Goodbyes
  7. With Every Breath I Take
  8. Blame It On My Youth
  9. It Could Happen To You
  10. I Ve Had My Moments
  11. I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night
  12. The End Of A Love Affair
  13. If It's The Last Thing I Do
  14. There S A Flaw In My Flue
  15. Wait Till You See Her

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