Showwall歌詞秀男歌手陳百強( Danny Chan )百強84 貓女人


主唱:陳百強( Danny Chan )

You and I
We've been together for such a long time
I got so used to you
There're so much that we've been through
I still love you
There were days
I thought for sure we'd thrown it away
Who was right who was wrong
It didn't matter We just belong together
Tell me what Can I do
I need you right here beside me
Please don't tell me we're through
How can you tell me we're through
Tell me what can I do
To make you stay
Can't we try
There must be someway we can't say goodbye
You know I need you right now
Let's stay together we'll work it out
I still love you
I'm not good at begging
I always had my pride
But there's no denying
I need you deep inside