Showwall歌詞秀女歌手黃鶯鶯( Tracy Huang )黃鶯鶯精選 Da Da Da

Da Da Da

主唱:黃鶯鶯( Tracy Huang )

When we were young we had so much fun
Sing and laugh playing in the sun
When we felt happy we whistled and danced
And then we would sing happily....Oh!
DA DA DA......
Then we grew older Went to school and then
Fell in love with the boy in the Benz
Cinema was our favorite place
Wondered what the future would bring
Realiged it was just beginning ......Oh!
Da Da Da......

Worked so hard just to keep alive
Married Bobby such a dashing guy
Worked some more then it came to me
That didn't have the time to sing.....Oh!
Da Da Da......

Now we are older and on looking back
When life was just having fun in the sun
Sit back and wonder about those times
When we would just relax and sing.....
Da Da Da.......